Inferno Group is an online publication covering forthcoming trends and news in gaming culture and development, all on one platform. We have steadily built a strong brand in the gaming development as well as in the console and online gaming community.

Inferno Group was established in 2018 by a group of game enthusiasts and developers as a blog for sharing the best game to play, best practices in gaming, trends, and gaming culture from around the world.

Several months on and the website has grown from a group idea to a full-fledged media blog employing several full-time creative thinkers across the globe, all while keeping the same level of dedication and passion there’s been since day one.

Today, Inferno Group is the leading blog for the next generation of gamers, trendsetters & hypebeasts in the gaming world. We offer contents across all gaming platforms that inspires an international audience to live more culturally engaging lives by providing a 360-degree perspective at the point where gaming & lifestyle meet. We take the best in global gaming culture and bring it to street level, turning outsiders into insiders.