Selecting a men’s bracelet for a gift only seems simple at first glance, but this process turns out to be much more difficult, because it can be quite difficult to guess which man will like it. What should I look for when choosing how to do it right? Of course, you should start to examine in detail the style of clothing of a man, his preferences, and tastes. It will also be useful to study in advance what types of men’s bracelets are, their differences, descriptions, values.

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What is a bracelet?

This is an accessory worn on the wrist for beauty, as a way of expression, emphasizing the special style and taste of the owner. In ancient times, many people such jewelry could also mean the status of a person depending on the metal and could well be an amulet. Probably, these functions can be used in our days. Bracelets were worn throughout all ages by both men and women, often wearing them on their forearms for example, in ancient Rome and Egypt, the Vikings who lived a thousand years ago also wore bracelets.

How to choose a bracelet on the male hand

In order to choose an accessory for a gift or yourself or yourself for a gift, you need to know what types of men’s bracelets are in our time. The diversity is great. We will try to focus on the most popular today. Modern men’s bracelets can be made from natural or artificial materials. Steel and leather jewelry are considered popular from the depths of the ages. They have been an excellent jewel for men and women since antiquity. You also need to consider if the recipient is active. Because if he is, then you need bracelet that is tough as corsets used for exercises, so it won’t easily get off when doing certain activities.

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Types of men’s bracelets

Men’s textile bracelets made of lightweight nylon rope or paracord, probably, have been seen by many, if not on store shelves, so on advertising on the Internet for sure. They are very popular in our time. Often have a wide variety of themed pendants, which simply makes no sense to list the variants, since it is simply impossible to list them all.

Rubber bracelets in traditional ethnic style are always relevant and always in fashion. You can buy them very often at various national ethnic festivals, fairs, concerts. Such copies are made of small wooden beads of different thickness, shapes, covered with varnish or paint of a certain color or not covered with anything and strung on a thread-elastic. They are quite easy to do even with your own hands.

Men’s bracelets made of precious stones or semi-precious stones are perfectly combined with simple everyday styles, for example, with casual style. Such accessories perfectly emphasize the style and complement the image of the style created by clothes and shoes. Stones can be very different, different colors and shades, so you can always choose the necessary to your taste. Metal men’s bracelets steel or tungsten may be in the form of thin or very thick chains may have a separate metal bar with engraving. Such jewelry can have classic links, usually chains or unusual and even old ornaments used. They may have clasps or be dimensionless.

Men’s leather bracelets were, are and will always be popular and favorite jewelry of many men and women. This is a classic, but it is always beautiful and comfortable. This is the most ancient material that our distant ancestors used for decoration and warmth. Embody the strength and courage, as before, and now, so it will continue. Such decorations can be decorated with silver or metal decorative elements. Silver and steel blend beautifully with leather. Don’t try giving diamond bangles to men. These are just for women.

How is bracelet size determined?

We must take a soft meter, and just measure the girth of the brush, this value, expressed in cm, will be the size of the bracelet. In order for the bracelet to walk freely around the wrist, do not crush, do not cause inconvenience, we must also add in the resulting value 1 – 1.5 cm for the free run.

Moreover, for a bracelet made of genuine leather, it is enough to add 0.5 cm, since it will still give a stretch during operation. In addition, the leather bracelet is soft, and it will not put pressure on the wrist, causing inconvenience to the user. For a metal bracelet, it’s better to add 1.5 cm, since rigid elements can put unpleasant pressure on the wrist and cause inconvenience.

According to the format, it is necessary to choose a bracelet based on the overall style of the suit. If you are planning to wear traditional classics, then the bracelet should be chosen of medium width, preferably from genuine leather. For a sporty style, you must choose a different bracelet, a lot of two-layered, with decorative elements and accompanying details.

If the wrist is large, then the bracelet should be appropriate, wider. If the hand is narrow, then, of course, you should not buy a wide bracelet. It will look ugly on your hand. Therefore, a narrow bracelet is an ideal solution for a small brush.

The style should be determined accurately, if necessary, you can use the advice of the seller. If you are wearing jeans, then a metal bracelet and leather will work well for your watch. Often men prefer bracelets as accessories, without watches. This gives a special charm to a man, indicates his originality and good taste.

How to choose a men’s bracelet as a gift

Do not be afraid to choose an accessory for another person. It is enough to think a little and decide on a couple of questions. What style is the man wearing? What materials do you prefer? The one who wears only gold may not like a stone bracelet and vice versa, remember any decoration is selected under the wardrobe, which creates the main image.

The trends of the coming year will be accessories from natural minerals. Men’s jewelry made of lava, agate, serpentine and other stones do not lose popularity for several years in a row. Pay attention to the handmade products from our masters. The gift does not have to be expensive. Perfectly fit products made of jewelry steel, ceramics, and various combinations of natural materials. The main thing is design and style. A high-quality product from Spikes looks great, both with a classic suit and a sweatshirt.

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